your nhl lockout viewing guide for the Ottawa Senators

For those of you who want to watch your Sens while there are officially no Sens, we luckily have the Binghamton Senators (AHL) that is loaded with Ottawa Senators in the making. But for those of you who want to be armchair scouts for this organization’s future; there are a lot of other teams to watch until this horrible lockout ends. Some of the international teams have high quality streams to watch your overseas Ottawa Senators at¬† Continue reading

list of twitter accounts related to NHL owners

In lieu of a potential NHL lockout here is a list of Twitter accounts of NHL Owners or the closest point of contact that I could find. If you have any additional info that I have not found or corrections, please add a comment below.

Interesting that my findings mostly involve children. And those children are avid hockey fans, which makes me assume that they would like a NHL season as well. We can only hope that their Fathers will want to make them happy. Let the owners know that hockey for us isn’t a business, it’s a life.

Anaheim Ducks

Leslie Samueli (Daughter of Henry and Susan Samueli)


Boston Bruins

Delaware North (CEO Jeremy Jacobs )


Buffalo Sabres

Kelly Pegula (Daughter of Terry Pegula)


Calgary Flames

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