the drafting efficiency of NHL GMs in the NHL Entry Draft since the lockout

The NHL Entry Draft began in 1979, since then there have been 7,893 players drafted by NHL teams. 3,242 of those players have played at least one NHL game for a 41% chance of a player drafted playing in the NHL at sometime throughout their career. Looking at the numbers since the Lockout in 2004-05 the efficiency is lower at 28%, but this makes sense given the drafts over the past couple of years and the time it takes to develop a player. The top 10 most efficient GMs since the lockout

GM Players Drafted Count of GP % After the Lockout
Mike O’Connell 21 14 0.666666667
Al Coates 6 3 0.5
Pierre Lacroix 24 11 0.458333333
Mike Barnett 30 13 0.433333333
Kevin Lowe 34 14 0.411764706
Doug MacLean 37 15 0.405405405
Doug Armstrong 30 12 0.4
Mike Milbury 30 12 0.4
Bob Pulford 29 11 0.379310345
Craig Patrick 24 9 0.375

I’m no statistician by any stretch, I’m horrible at math. I’m just a hockey fan with a bit of statistical curiosity. Let me know if there are any errors as the data provided was collected by myself and there is no single resource out there with all this information, especially the GM data. Feel free to download the spreadsheets and make modifications to make your own statistical wonders.

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